Saturday, February 03, 2007


Do you know what a carnivore is? I do, it is something that eats meat. I love meat, I am a carnivore.

I helped mum to make our dinner tonight. We were having burritos. As mum was chopping up the onion I opened the packet of meat.

I told mum that I would make sure the meat was OK.

It was. I am not sure if I liked it better before or after it was cooked!
Love carnivorous Milla

PS - Dad thinks that my eating habits are disgusting, but mum used to eat raw steaks when she was little (it must be a girl thing)!


  1. Milla, you are not disgusting, you are distinguished, steak tartare is raw mince and in France it is a real dish you can order!

  2. yes Mplla you must be a carnivore just like your mum was, pleased to see you enjoyed your raw meat, I think it would be yukkie.


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