Wednesday, February 14, 2007


What is Valentines Day? Lots of people have been talking about Valentines Day and cards and presents. I don't know anyone who got cards or presents today, except for Zoe's mum who got birthday presents.

I also heard that Valentines Day is about doing extra nice things for the people that you love. I always do lovely things for the people that I love, does that mean it is Valentines Day everyday? It is all so confusing!

All I know is that Ellen gave me a special Valentines Day kiss. Isn't my kiss huge!
Love Princess George


  1. Nice kiss from Wellen! And a very seriously interesting shot up Wellen's nose!!! he he he! lucky there was no bat in the cave!


  2. wow Milla that sure is a huge kiss from Ellen, did anyone else get one from her? xxxx


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