Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Domestic Bliss?

Mum is on holidays at the moment, to make sure that I settle into school, but I think she is getting a little bit bored (or crazy). When she dropped me at school this morning, she said that she had to go and be 'domestic' and tidy the house.

I thought mum's version of 'being domestic' meant that she would just hide all my favourite toys in cupboards so that I couldn't find them ever again. Instead, this new version of domestic involved taking all the bedding off and cleaning it. I know this is kind of normal, and I know mum does it regularly, but it doesn't normally involve washing my doona!

After my doona was washed, it took ages to dry. Just to make sure that it would be ready in time for bed, mum put it in the dryer. Let me tell you, that was a BIG oopsie. My doona is now a melted ball of fluff and fibre. It looks like another trip to Ikea is on the agenda soon, to get me a new doona.

Love AJ the doona-less Pickle


  1. sure was a (D DAY) for mum wasn't it AJ. Domestic, Doona, Dryer all ending in Disaster, bet mum won't another D day again. Only one good thing to come from this day for you AJ is a new doona. Better days ahead for you Del.

  2. that is something that our mum would do AJ. Don't let her near your pillow - they come out of the wash lumpy!!!

  3. WOW - the impact of it all - it would put me off D Duties! M

  4. Lucky it's hot in melbourne and you don't really need your doona!!


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