Saturday, February 10, 2007

Fairies Everywhere

Today I saw Polly Blossom the fairy again. She came to visit all of the fairies who were at Kalinda's 3rd birthday party. Polly Blossom told us stories, played games and sang songs. She even made marshmallows for us to eat using only cloud fluff and magic!

We had so much fun as fairies (and super heroes), that when we went home from the party, we decided to stay in our dress-ups and go for a drive. We drove all the way to Geelong to visit Adam, Melati and Charlee the dog. We also said 'Happy Birthday' to Uncle Adam.

It was such a busy day, with lots of cake to eat. I love birthday parties!
Love Princess George

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  1. you were very busy kids on Saturday with two parties to go to, you are so lucky to have a fairy party and BBQ party on the same day. your mum & dad are so good to take you to so many parties.


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