Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'm A Big Kid Now

I went to school today - for the whole day. I am in Prep/1L at Primary Kensington School. (OOPS, I mean Kensington Primary School!)

When I got to school, I went into the library to get my name tag. I had an orange name tag and that means that my teacher is Louise.

I took mum, dad and Milla with me when I went into the library and then upstairs to my classroom. Once I was in the classroom I was happy to explore all of the activities. I said goodbye to mum, dad and Milla without getting sad, even though I knew that I would miss them all.

Isabella is in the same class as me, and we played and worked together most of the time. We did drawing, cutting and pasting, playdough and we read books.

Going to school is fun
Love AJ Pickle, the school kid


  1. Your mum takes such amazing pictures of you guys - who found that big bug?

  2. Have a wonderful year AJ.

  3. Dad found the big Rhino bug (just like the on in A Bug's Life) for us. AJ wanted to take him to school but daddy said that he should live in the garden instead.
    Love Milla

  4. Wow you look like such a big kid. I am glad you enjoyed your 1st day at school. I hope you show me the ropes when I am big enough to go to school!

  5. glad you had a super 1st. day at school AJ, we hope the rest of your school days will be just as exciting and interesting as today. love to you big kid xxxxx

  6. looking forward to hearing all about your school adventures AJ. ENJOY!


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