Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Can FLY!

Today at circus, we all had a go on the 'tissue'. I don't know why it is called a 'tissue', it is more like a giant 'hanky'!

Anyway, the 'tissue' is a giant piece of fabric that is hanging from the ceiling by a rope, kind of like a hammock. I got to lay across the middle of the tissue and then mum and Sarah swung me around. It was so much fun, I thought that I was flying.

After I went on the 'tissue', I had a go at the Rola Bola. The Rola Bola is really like a piece of wood that you stand on. I would be really easy to do if there wasn't a big piece of pipe underneath the wood that made the wood all wobbly! Although it was really hard and wobbly, the Rola Bola was fun.

I wonder what new tricks I will learn at circus next week?
Love Princess George

PS - If you want to learn more about the tricks I learn at kinder you can check out the descriptions in wikipedia - Tissue and Rola Bola

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  1. gee Milla you really do look like you are flying in the tissue. Hope we get to see you on the Rola Bola.The circus looks like sooooooo much fun. xxxxxx


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