Sunday, August 13, 2006

Twirly Stick Park
This afternoon, we all went to twirly-stick park at Docklands. One of AJ's friends named this park the Twirly Stick park because there are heaps of different twirly things to play on - the twirly sticks and the twirly spinning ring as well as the twirly spinning sculpture.
I liked playing on the twirly sticks, but I wasn't brave enough to go on the twirly spinning ring.
Ellen and AJ were both brave enough to go on the twirly spinning ring. Daddy helped them to spin really fast. They spun so fast that they both fell off. It was really, really funny!
I think that Twirly Stick Park is one of my favourite parks to visit. There are lots of interesting places to explore, heaps of room to run around and to fly a kite, as well as lots of interesting things to play on.
Love Princess George


  1. WHAT?

    You got photos to upload? Now I can't get them to upload.


  2. That looks like heaps of fun kids! Hope you all weren't too dizzy!

  3. twirly stick park sure has heaps of fun things to play on. next time i reckon Milla will go on the twirly ring with AJ & Ellen and maybe mum will help dad push you all.

  4. welcome back miss ellen! looking forward to meeting you soon
    xx george


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