Thursday, August 10, 2006

At the Zoo
What do you do at the zoo?

(one day when blogger will let me upload photos I will put a photo of what we do at the zoo)

Most people go to the zoo to see all of the animals, but not us, we go to dance on the stage and play. Sure we do visit the animals, especially the seals, the wombats and the butterflies. The real reason we visit the butterflies is because it is just next to the cafe. We know that if we are near the cafe the grown-ups will have a coffee and we get to have a Milo icecream - yum! We visit the seals because they are right next to Carousel Park. No one really knows why we visit the wombats, maybe because they are really funny!

Love Princess George.


  1. sounds like you had a wonderful day at the zoo,we do reckon the animals would be the best part of the day, ice cream and carousel next best.

  2. Wombats are my favorite animal, I think that they are really funny.

  3. I love the butterflies too, Milli!



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