Friday, August 11, 2006

Super Star!

Super Star!

AJ's medal, originally uploaded by superRelish.

Guess what everyone, it is official...I am a superstar!

Today at tap dancing, Helen gave me my medal and a certificate that tells everyone just how good I am at dancing. I really didn't have to do a medal to let everyone know that I am a good dancer, but it is great to have my very first medal. It is so cool!

Love AJ Superstar Pickle

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  1. Well I had to re-do the post to add the photo, so I just cut and pasted the old comments so I can remember how proud everyone is!


    kings on the lake said...
    congratulations on your very first medal AJ. you really are a superstar and we are very proud of you and can't wait to see your medal.


    Anna and Tino said...
    Hi AJ

    Can't wait to see the picture! I am having trouble with Bloggers pics too, it's annoying isn't it?




    April in Wonderland said...
    Well done, AJ!

    Although we are all well aware of how much of a superstar you are already... But a medal is kinda cool to have. Very proud of you!

    C u very soon.


    PS: glad to know it wasn't just me with the pic issue! It was mighty frustrating.


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