Sunday, August 20, 2006

Reading Time

Did you know that 'Children's Book Week' has started and there are lots of fun festivals with activities for kids to do? Today we went to a book week festival at Federation Square.

It was heaps of fun, with face painting, magicians, book making, paper crafts and even story reading. AJ and I were really good, so after we had our faces painted, we also got a showbag to share AND a book and balloon.

But one of the best things about going to festivals at Fed Square is that it is right next to Birrarung Marr - one of our favourite parks.

After we explored Art Play and watched some famous book people draw and paint some new pictures for books, we went to the park. AJ was tired and had a rest in the sandpit and we buried him!

After we had our lunch, we sat by the river and read some more stories with my Ellen.

It was such a lovely way to spend a Sunday!

Love Princess George


  1. I had so much fun. Isn't it lucky that we all love books soooo much. Lets do it again some time about next weekend!

  2. what a coincidence!! i was there too, shame we didnt see you

  3. Milly you and ellen look like you are wearing the same tops!

  4. Looks like afun day and what a busy day

  5. I looooove books, Milla! I am so jealous! I'm sure you had an awesome day! Did you see any Alice?



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