Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ahoy Me Hearties...

Yesterday I went to my first ever kinder kid party that was just for kids - the adults (and little sisters) didn't stay with us!

It was little Michael's 5th birthday and all his pirate friends came to play. We all dressed up and made pirate hats and treasure bags for all the loot we found on our treasure hunt in the park. We played on a big pirate ship and even walked the plank!

It was so cool - I wish it was January so that it could be my 5th birthday!
Love AJ 'Pirate' Pickle


  1. Ahoy, you look so cool. I love your outfit. You look very swashbuckling. I am sure you are relieved that the party finally arrived. Did you have fun?
    See you tonight.

  2. What a great pirate you are, hope you found lots of loot, if you did maybe we can get a loan from you.Glad you had a great time.

  3. And don't you look the part!

  4. You look just as much of a spunk as Johnny Depp in pirates of the caribbean!

    Love the eye patch!


  5. Q. Why are they called pirates??

    A. I don't know, they just AAAARRRE


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