Thursday, March 16, 2006

Let the Games Begin!

Last night was the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games. Mum and dad wouldn't buy us ticket to watch it at the MCG, but they did let us go in to the city to see what was happening.

It was sooooooo exciting, there were people everywhere.

(Look at how many people are waiting to watch the Opening Ceremony

- this was before it got busy!)

We saw the giant fish floating on the Yarra River, watched the footy blokes carry the Queens Baton along the floating platform towards the MCG and watched all of the fireworks during the ceremony. We did all this as we were having a picnic with Macs in Alexandra Gardens, in front of the biggest TV that I have ever seen.

I think that the Commonwealth Games will be heaps of fun. We are going to go and see the athletics on Monday. Maybe, when Nan and Pop come to visit next weekend, we will go and explore some of the live sites and see more of the games. I can't wait.

Love AJ Pickle

WOW - look at the fireworks, they are fantastic!
The fireworks are fantastic, they are also really, REALLY loud!

Isn't Melbourne beautiful? (I am glad we are back.)


  1. nan & pop5:13 PM

    wow how lucky were you all to get to see part of the opening of the Commonwealth games, the fire works must have been awesome from there, we saw them on tv and they were great.

  2. Actually I am glad you are back too. Totally selfish cause it means you will be there when I get home. I CAN'T wait to see you, play games and get lots and lots of catchup hugs!


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