Monday, March 20, 2006

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie...

Today we went to the Commonwealth Games. It was fantastic.

We caught the train in to the city, and then another train to the MCG. We were right in to the spirit of the Games, carrying Aussie banners and wearing Aussie tatoos on our faces (even mum and dad had tatoos). I had my very own Australian flag to wear as a super-hero cape. When we got the the 'G', they gave us all 'Thunder Sticks' to make even more noise when we were cheering for the Aussies!

We sat right near the top of the MCG and we could see everything that happened during the mornings athletic session.

We watched the high jump qualifying rounds, the 400 metre heats, the 15oo metre heats, the seated shot-put for Elite Athletes with a Disability, as well as the sprints, shot-put and long jump rounds of the decathlon.

Did you know that the people in the high jump could jump 2.15 metres high - that is higher than me when I sit on dad's shoulders!

They could jump more than 7 metres in the long jump - longer than our car! It is amazing to watch elite athletes perform.

I even saw visually impaired runners in the 100 metre sprints. I couldn't work out how they can run in a straight line when they can't see properly; I can see and can't run in a straight line!

I just don't know what activities I should do...maybe I should become an elite athlete as well as a circus performer and go to the Commonwealth Games. Milli's favourite part of the day was watching the TV cameras zoom over the top of the MCG on wires! Maybe one day she will be on TV, reporting my races at the Commonwealth Games?

Love AJ Pickle


  1. nan & poppy8:45 PM

    AJ & Milla you are so lucky to have such great parents that take you to all the interesting events around Melbourne, must have been terrific to go to the athletics at the MCG today, well done we are so excited for you all.

  2. Go Aussie!!!
    I am not there but can you hear me cheering?
    I wish I could sit there with you... Instead, I will just come and watch you compete. I will call, Go AJ!!!
    Love you guys


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