Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Day at the Races

Today we went to the races at Flemington with our friends Ella and Taylah. It was our first ever day at the races. We had so much fun, well most of us - Taylah ate too much food and was a little bit sick, so she went home early. Other than that, we still had fun. As well as cheering for the horses as they ran around the track and eat lots of yummy food, there were heaps of other things to do. We could play with the animals in the little farm area, ride ponies, play golf, do paintings or play football!

I think that going to the races is heaps of fun, thank you Ella and Taylah for taking us to the races with you.
Love AJ and Milla
AJ the almost-pro-golfer
Milli the princess
AJ riding his pony 'Pal'
Ella, Milli and AJ watching the farm animals

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  1. oh my god, look how much they have grown!


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