Sunday, March 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Ellen

Even though you live in Japan, we still remember you and your birthday - and of course we always celebrate with chocolate cake.

Today we celebrated your birthday by getting naked (again) and making you a birthday cake. Our cousin Zoe is really good at making chocolate cakes, so she helped us to cook.

We tried to meet health regulations by having a big bath before we began to cook. Although we were clean before we began, we were all chocolate monsters before the cake was cooked. YUM - we love chocolate cake.

We sang happy birthday to you over the telephone, and you are magic and helped us to blow out the candles all the way from gin-Japan!

We hope that you had a fantastic birthday. Next year, we hope to celebrate with you.
Love AJ and Milli


  1. happy birthday to ellen. hope you enjoyed your cake!

  2. I love you guys. I am so happy that you never forget me! Next year lets promise to be together for everyone's birthdays!!! I can't wait.

    PS Thanks Sharnie.

  3. Anonymous5:32 PM

    I want a cake too PLEASE Thanks kids Marg XXXXX


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