Friday, March 03, 2006

Kinder Time

Today is Friday, and that means that it is Big Kinder Day. Mum drops me off at Kinder early in the morning and then she takes Milli to music. I stay at kinder all day long, well almost all day long - until 2 o'clock. Sometimes I am a bit sad when mum says goodbye, but not today.

Today mum and Milli came back extra early to play at kinder with me and my friends.

We had lots of fun building towers and castles together. Look at the huge tower that I built with Michael and Darcy, it is huge...even bigger than we are!

Milli did hundreds of paintings.

I had heaps of fun when mum and Milli came to kinder to play, I hope that she will visit again some time soon.

Love AJ Pickle


  1. Milli, Can I have a big art work like that for my wall? It is so beautiful!

  2. PS... What is with the hands being glasses?

  3. Peter & Pat9:49 PM

    Alex you sure do have heaps to do at kinder and it all seems so much fun.

  4. Peter & Pat9:53 PM

    Milla you look like a real artist.

  5. Hey...
    I am really missing you guys today. I WANT my friends from home!
    Love and Hugs.


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