Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Princess Paula

A couple of weeks ago, whenever I wanted to know where mum was, she was always working. I thought it was kind of strange that she was working so late at night; normally she works during the day when I go to Tia's house. I didn't know that she was over at Paula's house making her a barbie doll dress.

Paula is one of my friends who lives just down the road. She has a funny voice, just like all the people we met when we were in America. Anyway, she went in the Miss Gay Universe Pagent in Sydney and mum made her a gown to wear in the pagent.

Naturally Paula looked like a princess wearing the gown, and she won the entire competition. Pretty amazing! Now I can tell people that I am friends with Miss Gay Universe!

As well as being a beauty queen, Paula also impersonates Cher and other singers. She is so famous that she has a stage name been. She has been on TV heaps, she even has her own web site too! Check out Paula's (Candi Stratton's) web site at www.candistratton.com

Love Princess George

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  1. Congratulations CP not PP...
    Can't wait to see the professional photos of all the things Del sewed.


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