Sunday, February 19, 2006

Yukata Kids

This is Milli dancing to the Japanese music

Today we went to the Osaka Festival in at the Treasury Gardens. It was heaps of fun, there were lots of people there in tradidtional Japanese kimonos, doing obi folding demonstrations, calligraphy, karaoke and even pretend sword fights like the samurai. It was really exciting.

My favourite part of the festival was the yukata competition. All of the cute kids in summer cotton kimonos (yukata) went up on to the stage to show everyone there outfits and the judges decide who is the cutest.

When I was on stage, the host saw that I was wearing an Anpanman obi. He asked me if I liked Anpanman, I said I did - everyone likes 'Bread-Head Man'. He asked me if I liked the other characters from Anpanman, so naturally I said yes. I think he thought that all I could say was 'yes', so he asked if I liked him. I said no, everyone laughed! Maybe that is why I didn't win the competition...? Milli didn't win either, she took one look at the judges and cried!

Oh well, there is always next year. Hopefully I will be able to speak more Japanese by then, and really impress the judges.
Ja ne (see you later)
Love AJ Pickle

PS - If you want to learn more about Anpanman (Bread-Head Man) go to
'next year, remember to tell the host that you like him'


  1. Ganbatte for next year...
    Let's competition together ne!
    Nice yukata...

  2. I really really feel like a huge AJ and Milla hug. Can't wait to see you. I don't feel sad now but I miss cuddles sooo much!


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