Saturday, February 25, 2006

My Cousin Henry

I finally got to meet little Henry George McConville today. He was pretty darn cute. I think being cute is a prerequisite for a kid with George for a middle name. He has teeny-tiny fingers and teeny-tiny toes, and for a McConville, he even had a teeny-tiny nose!

Henry is lots of fun to play with, he is just like a doll that can make noise, drink and go to the toilet - kind of like the doll that I got for Christmas.

He is fun to cuddle and play with, but I am sure that when he is bigger, we can have heaps more fun together.

I love my only first cousin,
Love Princess George


  1. I love the very first photo. That blond head could be me at that age. Can't can't wait to see you and have lots and lots of hugs. She I can't even make a simple sentence to describe how much I want it to happen!

  2. peter & pat5:02 PM

    can see that Milla certainly does love her very first first cousin Henry, he sure is a cutie


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