Monday, February 13, 2006

My Favourite Game - Frustrating Mama

I can't sleep, so I thought that I would tell you about my favourite game, it is called 'Frustrating Mama'.
Yesterday we went into Fitzroy Gardens to learn how to do swing dancing and to listen to a band. I had heaps of fun watching all the big people dance, as well as dancing with Macs and Sarah.

The game really started when I asked mama to take me for a walk to the toilet. Off we went - mama, me, my hat and my toy gerbil. I don't know if you know the Fitzroy Gardens but they are exciting and I am easily sidetracked. I convinced mama that I didn't really need to go to the toilet and that we should go exploring for a while instead.

First I wanted to stop and look at every house in the Model Tudor Village (twice), then try and count all the fairies on the fairy tree. Ages later, when mama said it was time to go back and find dad and AJ, I decided that I still needed to go to the toilets.

After walking to the toilets, almost on the other side of the park, we had to line up for ages. Eventually we made it to the front of the queue, it was our turn. In we go - mama, me and my gerbil. I really don't know why mama was getting annoyed when I explained that I didn't want to go to the toilet...but my gerbil did. So I sat my gerbil on the toilet to do a tinkle.

I don't know why mama wouldn't let me wash my gerbils hands though, doesn't she know that everyone washes their hands after they go to the toilet?
Isn't this a great game?
Love Princess George.


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  2. I hope you let Mumma sleep last night. Give her a break. She loves you but she needs sleep!

  3. nan & pop7:04 PM

    the joys of parenthood and understanding who needs what in a child's mind. beautiful story.


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