Thursday, March 22, 2012

What if... Multitasking and a bathroom scenario

Dear Children.

What would happen if you or any other child were to multi-task?
  a)  Would more than one thing actually get done simultaneously? OR
  b)  Would there be mess and mayhem that required even more time and effort to restore?

Ideally option A would be the desired outcome but that would take time, practice and persistence, something desirable to achieve, something that I am happy for you to work on achieving.

Of course some things just aren't meant to be multi-tasked.  For example, you really shouldn't multi-task when using the bathroom.  For starters, it is kind of gross but other than that,  some things take a little more concentration than others, particularly if you are required to stand whilst using the facilities.   Now we could take this one step further and provide a more specific example - you shouldn't try to drink a glass of water whilst peeing.  Not only is it unhygienic, there are likely to be adverse consequences to your actions.  What happens when you concentrate on your aim?  There is a fair chance that you will spill your drink as you concentrate on guiding the stream to the bowl.  Then, if you make it through step one safely, what is likely to happen when you need to shake?  I predict that as you shake one thing, you will shake the other and the inevitable outcome is liquid ending up where it shouldn't be.  Realistically in this scenario, option B is likely to be the outcome and there would be liquid that requires cleaning.  I know I don't like cleaning and I am pretty sure you share that view.

So there you have it Dear Children, I would love for you to multi-task, but not everything all the time.  Some tasks are individual, independent tasks that require concentration.  I would like you to concentrate, cleaning up the mess or listening to me nag as you clean up the mess is not fun for anyone.

This scenario may or may not have happened, but lets set the ground rules now!
Love your Mama

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