Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our Mama Went to DPCON12...

Our Mama went to the Digital Parents Conference (or DPCON12 for those who know!) and all we got was...

Well there were about a billion other things in the swag that we haven't even had a chance to look at but these were our instant favourites.  We can't wait to log on to Club Penguin again and actually have a real membership to try out, perfect timing for the holidays.  We may just need to hide all of the cleaning products in case mum wants us to try them out too!

Sometimes it is really great that mama goes to all kinds of crazy and interesting places!  I wonder when she will go to another blogging shindig and bring home all kinds of loot for us spend time with all of her lovely bloggy friends?  It is even better when she brings home delicious, or should we say di-licious treats!
Love AJ and Milla

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  1. I found you again, I wondered why you weren't blogging over at Relish my relish.
    I really missed going to Blogcon .
    My kids love swag bags too :)


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