Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Special Night Out

Now normally we don't go out at night and if we were to go out, it is really really unlikely that it would be a Sunday night, that is the night that mum and dad try to convince us to go to bed early ready for another week of busy.  When mum suggested that we might go out On A Sunday Night, I knew it must be something really special.

I asked for a hint and the only clue I was given was 'music'.  Hmmm, I wonder what that could mean, where would we go to hear music?  I knew it couldn't be to a Taylor Swift show, my friend went to her show last week and I knew she wasn't in Melbourne any more.  What could we be doing?  I was completely stumped.  I am lucky that AJ was with me, he kept guessing.  It only took him minutes before he guess the answer - I was going to get to go to see Coby Grant again.  That is so much better than going to see Taylor Swift!

I first heard Coby sing when I was little and saw her perform at the Vic Market.  I have seen her perform heaps of times since, I have a copy of all of her albums and EPs and pretty much know all of her songs off by heart.  I have missed Coby, she has been in Europe for ages, impressing the rest of the world with her amazing talent.  I didn't realise that she was back in Melbourne for a little while to record a new EP so when mum said that she was taking me to the studio where she was recording the show live I was crazy excited!

We arrived at the Wick Studios in Brunswick at about 6 o'clock and our timing was perfect.  There was still a big comfy couch free so we had somewhere really comfy to sit, right up the front of the studio and the first singer was performing.  I hadn't heard of Al Parkinson before but I hope that I get to hear her sing again, she was awesome.  We sat on the couch snuggling and munching on snacks.  Charlie, that is Coby's beautiful dog was running around the studio and spent time snuggling on the couch with us too.  After Al sang, Tom Tuena took to the stage and he was really great to listen to as well.  By this stage, it was getting late and Dad and AJ joined us after the Grand Prix and we snuggled together on the couch.

Finally it was Coby's turn to perform.  What can I say other than WOW - I love you Coby!  She sang even better live than I remembered.  I sang along quietly, not wanting to have my singing so loud that you could hear it on her recording, and enjoying every second of the performance.  I especially loved it when Coby sang my favourite song ever - When I Was Young.

It was really really late (well in 8 year old Sunday night time!) and I was so tired that I started to doze off on dad's lap as Coby was finishing her set.  It was beautiful to drift off to sleep listening to such wonderful songs.

I was sad when it was time to go, it meant that Coby's only performance in Melbourne was over and soon she would be going back overseas.  I  know that she will continue to wow the audience in Germany but I really hope she gets a chance to come back to Melbourne soon.

Miss you Coby,
Love Princess George

PS - even AJ had fun, even though he said he wouldn't have fun listening to music that wasn't Classic (bogan)Rock!

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