Sunday, March 18, 2012

Race Time

So as Milla is at home 'resting' so she can go out tonight, I am out enjoying the noise of the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix and it is awesome!  I love car races but I have never been to see the Formula 1 before.  A few years ago I did watch the V8s race at Bathurst with Nan and Pop but Formula 1 racing was completely different.

When I went to Bathurst we went camping and wandered around the track area, we even checked out the pits.  Watching the Formula 1 cars race was completely different.  Instead of being down on track level we were in luxury, hanging out on the balcony of a friend's place that overlooked the entire track!

Now this is the best way to watch the F1 Grand Prix!

How cool is it to be able to see and hear the entire race without being smooshed by all the other people wanting to watch the race!  Even better, we had the perfect view for the flyovers.

I really can't decide if I like Formula 1 or V8s best.  Perhaps I had better go back to Bathurst again to help me decide!
Love AJ Pickle

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