Monday, October 24, 2011

Waiting and Waiting Some More

I woke up super early this morning, I was too tired to sleep, I had things to do and places to see and I wasn't going to school!  Once I was ready I had to sit around and wait for the taxi to take us to the airport.

Filling in time
We were early and managed to beat the rush and it didn't take long for us to be through customs and at the gate waiting for our plane.  Of course there was a slight delay so the wait was even longer.
Luckily I am easily entertained!

The flight from Melbourne to LA was long, really long but at least I managed to sleep a few hours this time  round!  I am pretty sure AJ only fell asleep as the plane was getting ready to descend into LA.

Ready for Take-Off
At LAX, we had to clear customs and recheck our luggage and wait some more.  I rested for a little bit but I was still too excited to sleep.  Instead I rested, thinking about how we could possibly be in LA, in a completely different country and it was really a few hours before we had even left Melbourne!
Waiting some more...

Finally we boarded the American Airlines flight for O'Hare.

Having flown 15 hours already and then waiting at LAX for another 4 hours, the 3 1/2 hour flight to Chicago was so quick, it was like it was over in the blink of an eye, or just one movie!

Of course, being in Chicago, we had one more wait, this time for a taxi to take us to hour hotel.
The Last Wait for the Day

Finally after what feels like a billion hours, the waiting is over and we are on holidays.  We have had a swim and some dinner and now it is time to get some real sleep before we go exploring tomorrow.
Let the adventure begin,
Love Princess George

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