Friday, October 28, 2011

Life in Westlake

I think that I could get used to living in Westlake, there are heaps of places to play.  There is plenty of space in the yard to kick or throw a footy and just up the road there is a lake and some woods to do some serious exploring.  
It didn't have time to do heaps of exploring, I had to get back to the McNamara's to get ready for the cook up - I was in charge of cooking the hot dogs over the fire pit.  

I was also the head marshmallow toaster.  I briefly handed over the title of head marshmallow toaster to Tony so that he could make some s'mores for me.  Don't tell Tony, but I have to admit that I tasted the s'mores - marshmallows and chocolate smooshed between some crackers but wasn't a huge fan so I gave mine to mum to munch on.  I was pretty glad that most people at the party wanted real food I and went back to toasting and eating every marshmallow in sight.

I like hanging out around here.  I hope I get more time to explore properly before we take off to another part of the country.
Love AJ Pickle

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