Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Apparently jet lag is when you are in living in one part of the world but your body thinks it lives in another and so it doesn't know if it should be awake or asleep.  I felt jet lagged for the first time ever this morning.  Of course I was super tired yesterday after all the travel we did so I was able to fall asleep at proper bed time, around 8 or so the problem was waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep.  I ended up watching some really trashy TV until mum woke up at 4.30 and declared that Jerry Springer really isn't a kids show and sent me back to bed!

AJ was a bed hog so I didn't want to get back into our bed, so I curled up on the couch for another hour or so of sleep but that was it.  AJ was still asleep and mum was starting to get grumpy, I think she was getting jet lagged too.  I was too wide awake to stay in bed so I went for breakfast with dad.  (Note to self:  Just because all the American folk I know love waffles, it doesn't mean they are nice!)

Mum and AJ were still sleeping when we went back to our room so Dad and I went for a walk to let them get some more sleep, I really didn't like the thought of spending the day with grumpy folks!  We also figured we could explore a bit and pick up some fruit to snack on as we were out, as well as trying to find a pre-paid data sim for the iPad so we can go geocaching.  We had no luck with the data sim - apparently you need to have a US credit card AND mailing address to get one but we did find some fruit.  We stocked up on bananas to munch on cos they were only 60c a pound!  (Sure I don't really know what a pound is, but they sounded pretty darn cheap and were delicious.)

I am pretty sure that if we didn't wake mum and AJ when we made it back to the hotel, they would have slept the day away.  Instead we rushed them downstairs for breakfast so that we could go out and explore for the day.

I just hope that after waking up so early today that I will have the energy to keep going all day long.  Next stop, a swim before walking to Legoland.

Love Princess George

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