Thursday, October 27, 2011

Old Friends in New Places

Can you believe that even though we are in another country we get to catch up with one of our best friends who is an old neighbour?

Paula showed us so many different and amazing places all in one fun filled day.

First there was Millennium Park and the giant jelly bean as well as other really cool sculptures in a great park.

We could have spent all day just playing in Millennium Park and looking at all the crazy and beautiful reflections in the jelly bean (look, can you see all of us in the reflection?)
We knew that there were other amazing things to see and do so we kept on exploring.

Eventually we got hungry so wandered down to Navy Pier for some lunch and to see if there were any more adventures to be found.

There were rides that we could go on but we didn't go on them, we wimped out because it was cold and really windy.  There were ice creams to eat and we made sure that we ate some of them.  There were even some shops to wander through for some fun.

We found some great gardens to relax in but our favourite place was at the very end of Navy Pier where you could just look out over the seemingly endless water of Lake Michigan.

Navy Pier was great but we really think we need to come back in summer to really experience it all properly and go a little crazy.

We had an amazing day but what made the day with Paula even more special is that she doesn't even live in Chicago any more.  When she knew we were in town, she flew in just to see us, how awesome is that!

See, clearly Paula is crazy enough to be a part of our family!

We love you Paula, come to Melbourne and visit us really soon!
Love the superRelish crew

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