Thursday, October 27, 2011

Following Ferris

Have you seen the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off?  It isn't really a kids movie but mum and dad let me watch it a while ago and I think it is pretty cool.  Anyway, just in case you haven't seen it, Ferris is about a boy, his girl-friend and his best friend and all of the crazy things that they do when the wag school.  Now since I am already wagging school, I thought I should do some of the things Ferris did on his day off.

Since I am still a little kid, I couldn't sneak in to a restaurant and pretend I was someone famous.  I would have sung a strange song in a parade but there wasn't a parade to be found.  Even if I knew someone in Chicago with a fancy car, I'm not big enough to see over the dash if I took it for a joy ride.

Really, the only other Ferris thing I could do was visit the John Hancock Observatory and look down on all the little people.  (Of course I couldn't look down and see my parents, they were with me!)  I could have stood on the railing just liked they did in Ferris, but I had been walking around Chicago all day so I needed the seat.

I might not be as cool as Ferris, but I had a great time looking out over Chicago, during the day AND at night.

Since I am not actually from Chicago, I listened to the audio tour to find out a bit more about Chicago.  I found it so interesting that I did it twice, first as a kid, then I listened to the adult version.  To be honest, I learnt heaps more from the kid version.

Did you know that even though it is pretty windy in Chicago, it is more likely that it is called the Windy City because of all the wind caused by the politicians.  (I wonder if they mean wind from farts or from the hot air of talking rubbish?)

Also, the very first ever ferris wheel was invented and built in Chicago by Mr George Ferris!

So many interesting facts from the kids version of the tour that mum and dad didn't know about!

I did get to do something that Ferris didn't get to do - I washed the windows of the Hancock Observatory.

 (Don't worry Nan, we aren't really outside the building, 100 floors above the ground!)

I have had heaps of fun in Chicago, it is a shame that tonight we are leaving!
Oh well, plenty more adventures to be had.
Love AJ Pickle

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