Sunday, October 30, 2011

Time for Jack-o-lanterns

Now that the wedding is over and we are all recovered from the fun and excitement, we have another big project to get organised - Halloween.  Now as Aussies, we really don't know how to celebrate Halloween, sure we try really hard by making creepy Jack-o-lanterns, baking witchy fingers and dressing up in costumes but that is it.  You can imagine how super excited we are about celebrating Halloween properly.

Finally it was time to make the Jack-o-lanterns.  I have to say that American pumpkins are ginormous and I am pretty sure that they weigh more than I do!

We started off by drawing our faces on the pumpkins, well not 'our' faces, the faces that we thought would look best on a pumpkin!  Once the faces were drawn it was time to get into action and make the Jack-o-lanterns.

Tony was the pumpkin carving expert and cut them out for us.  We helped with the finer details but let him do the hard work.  We did the messy work and scooped the guts out of the pumpkin.

Victoria must know us well already and figured that we would be hungry before we finished so she decided to sort through all the pumpkin goop and collect the seeds to roast for us to nibble on as we worked.

There was soooo much goop in the pumpkins that it took forever to sort through it all to get the seeds to roast.

Eventually the pumpkins were carved and ready to carry out to the front of the house to join all of the Halloween decorations that were there.

Only one more sleep until Halloween, hurrah!  I can't wait...

Love a super excited Princess George

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