Friday, October 19, 2007

Who Needs a Party?

Birthday parties seem to take up a lot of time and I am very busy, especially on a Friday. Since my birthday was on a Friday, I decided not to have a party.

Even without a party, I still celebrated turning 4. First I was given a garden, then AJ gave me a new doll who is called Lena Dorothy. We had pancakes for breakfast then Ellen came to visit, naturally bringing more presents.

Then it was time for school and dancing. Everyone I saw wished me a happy birthday. Gabby even decided to spend the day with me while her mum was at work.

After dancing Kalinda came over for a play in my new garden and Amelia dropped in too.

We decided to make cookies to share for afternoon tea and then do some face painting.

After we picked the big kids up from school, we shared some cake in the park. I may not have had a party, but I sure did have fun!
Love Princess George

PS - don't worry, I still had birthday cake!

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  1. kingsonthelake2:38 PM

    who needs a birthday party when you can celebrate being 4 in such a special way with your best friends helping you cook and do face painting. xxxx


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