Sunday, October 14, 2007

Them's the Breaks!

Picture this...

It is almost the end of the Gathering of the Clan in Tungamah and I needed to fit in a few more games before it was time to get into the car and go back to Melbourne. I was standing on top of the fort, yelling out to nan, pop and Sharn, "Kick me the footy, I will take a specky!"

Now nan being nan, thought that it would be a little too dangerous to jump from the top of a nearly 2 metre platform to mark a footy and calls back, "AJ climb down to take a specky, you don't want to get hurt."

Being the good kid that I am, I went to climb down from the fort but I missed the top rung of the ladder. Instead of climbing down safely, I fell to the ground, landing on my head, shoulder and arm and screamed.

Naturally nan, pop and Sharn came running. I was on the ground holding my arm screaming "My bones broke!" over and over. Mum wandered over with Milli and saw that my arm looked a bit broken. She took Milli to the toilet knowing that we had a long drive ahead of us, to get to the hospital in Benalla.

By the time mum and Milli were back, I was in the car and almost ready for the journey. My arm hurt too much to let anyone touch it, but I did have some Nurofen to make it hurt less.

Mum kindly took a photo of me in pain ( and Tunga dirt), to share with the world.

The drive to Benalla seemed to take a million years. I could feel every tiny bump in the road. Luckily (for mum and dad too) the nurofen kicked in and I went to sleep. I woke up when we got to the hospital.

The people at the hospital in Benalla couldn't take an x-ray of my arm, but they knew that one bone was broken and that maybe the other bone was a bit bent. They put my arm in a half plaster and sent me home, to go to the Children's Hospital later.

I had to call poppy to tell him he was right - my arm was broken!

I didn't want to go to the hospital straight away, but by the time we got back to Melbourne the nurofen was wearing off. Dad took me into the Children's and they x-rayed my arm. They found that I had cracked my radius (that is the lower arm bone that is on the same side as my thumb) about 80% of the way through, just above the wrist. Luckily my other bone looked pretty good. Then they put a backslab and another bandage on my arm so I couldn't bend my wrist, dosed me up with more nurofen and sent me home to bed.

All in all, it was quite a dramatic way to end a long weekend away. Sorry that I didn't get to say a proper goodbye to everyone. Next year I will try really hard not to break anything!
Love AJ Pickle


  1. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Oh no AJ, Darren and I hope your arm is feeling better!

  2. a passer-by11:24 PM

    i hope you recover fast.. dont cry .. smile ^^

  3. kingsonthelake11:20 PM

    AJ nan should have taken your word on you taking a specky and maybe you wouldn't have broken your arm, or then again it could have been worse. It was bad luck and we hope it gets better soon. Lucky it was at the end of your camping holiday or you would have missed out on all the fun. Take care of your sore arm, love Nan & poppy Pete xx


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