Saturday, October 27, 2007

Catch Up Time!

Well here we were thinking that when mum got her new toy we wouldn't have to deal with the 'thermal events' of the old computer. The only thing we didn't realise is that even thought the Mac is a really pretty computer that does heaps of cool stuff - it won't let us blog properly. We can't even upload photos (and what is the point of a blog if you can't see all the cute photos of us?).

So now as well as publishing all of the posts from when we were off-line, trying to stay up-to-date, we have to see if we can convert the blog to another hosting site. Does anyone know a host site that is as easy to use as Blogger that is Mac Compatible? If we can't convert the host site, we will try to keep up to date by juggling computers - the 'thermal event' machine, mum's Mac and dad's Dell.

Love AJ and Milla

PS - we have been off-line for so long that we have only just published posts from the start of October!


  1. Some other sites are and, I'm not sure if you can transfer though.

  2. Try this

    I'm sure there must be a way to stick with Blogger

  3. Anna must have way too much time on her hands! Thanks for the widget - it is very cute and it works. It makes text blogging heaps easier, but it doesn't help with photo uploading or editing. Hopefully an upgrade will let me add photos without using flickr or picasa.

  4. kingsonthelake2:15 PM

    We are no help but must say we are so pleased to have you blogging again. xxxx

  5. Hi Del,

    I use mac and use blogger same as you not sure what the problem is? as I can do it on my work mac as well so a reall old one and a new one. Once you get the mac thing you will never go back. Ellen used to blog on her mac ddn't she also?


  6. Anonymous8:59 PM


    tell mum and dad i am returned from my culture shock adventure.

    china is overcrowded, mongolia poverty stricken, russia corrupt (was scared every second i was there), finland a try hard wanna be european city and thailand filled with hussys.

    but loved every minute of it..........


    ps - peter is getting married this coming weekend, was gracious and sent a "best wishes" email. she is way more suited to him than i was.


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