Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gathering of the Clan

Can you believe it, it has been an entire year since we last went to Tungamah to go camping with the Sheridan Clan? We love the Gathering of the Clan - it is great to see everyone again.

The Sheridan Clan is all of nan's family and there are millions of them. This year there were almost 70 Sheridan's camped on the banks of the Boosey Creek - some in tents or swags, others in caravans and cars. A few of the clan were too young (8 months), too old (92 years) or just too buggered to camp and they stayed in houses nearby.

Lots of the clan had to travel for ages to get there, but we all knew it would be worth it. We didn't get to the campsite until it was already dark. Luckily our tent was set up and there was a lamp turned on inside, waiting for us to go to bed in our brand new sleeping bags.

Since we went to bed pretty early, we also woke up pretty early. We had our breakfast around the campfire, then had a play till the rest of the people woke up for our second breakfast. After a few rashers of bacon from the barbie, we all had heaps of energy to play.

We don't know why people think there is nothing to do in the country. We couldn't decide what to do first! We played tennis, rode on bikes and played cricket. We tried to hit golf balls into (or over) the creek, played on the playground equipment and climbed trees. We played hide and seek around the camp site, went exploring, threw the vortex and kicked the footy. In amongst this, we managed to eat heaps of bbq food and snacks and the grown-ups managed to drink a few cans of beer.

On the Sunday, not only did we have more fun, but the whole clan went to church. Now going to church during the Clan Gathering isn't exactly commonplace for all of us, but it was a special day - Jaxon was being Christened.

After the Christening, it was back to the camp for even more food, drinks and play time. Then eventually it was time to finish packing the car, say goodbye for another year and head back to Melbourne.

We all had a fantastic weekend, right up until the very end, but that is another story...
Love AJ and Milla

ps - we all took a gazillion photos, some of them are already on Flickr. Heaps of photos are listed as private, but if you email us we will send you the link. If you can't wait to see photos, click HERE for a preview.

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  1. kingsonthelake11:27 PM

    The gathering of the Sheridan clan certainly is an action packed weekend and we all had a fantastic time, just as you mentioned heaps to eat and plenty of booze. What a family we are eh. xx


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