Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Show

I may have been too busy to go to the Melbourne Show, luckily I did get to explore the Yarrawonga Show with Danielle and Dylan. Although the Yarrawonga Show is much smaller than the Melbourne Show, I had a fantastic time.

I got a new showbag (all about the Fairies), went on a really exciting ride, won a prize dropping balls into Minnie Mouses mouth, watched dancing dogs, saw Highland dancers, cuddled puppies
saw pigs do tricks, patted kids (baby goats not little people), ate ice cream AND touched reptiles - snakes, lizards and a crocodile.

Not bad for a day at the country show!
Love Princess George

PS - I was so tired after my day at the show that I fell asleep before dinner at Nanny Bette's house!

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  1. kingsonthelake11:45 PM

    Milla country shows are quite hectic aren't they. We are so pleased that you got to do soooooooooo much at our local show. You really did wear yourself out to miss out on tea with nanna Bette & poppy Pin by falling asleep. sweet dreams from nan & poppy Pete xx


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