Sunday, January 14, 2007

We're Back!

After an awesome week in Yarrawonga, Mum and Dad decided that they missed us heaps and heaps, and they wanted us to come home.

Instead of driving all the way to Melbourne, Nan and Pop drove us to a different lake in a place called Nagambie where we waited for Mum and Dad. The lake at Nagambie was really nice, but not as good as at Yarrawonga - the water was too deep for little kids to swim without grownups, and the grownups didn't want to get wet! Perhaps next time we have a holiday and go back to Nagambie the grownups will swim too.

My holiday was fun and I barely had time to miss Mum and Dad, but I think that I like it best when I get to play with Mum and Dad AND Nan and Pop!

Well I am a bit pooped from all my holidaying so I think that I will go to sleep now. If I get time tomorrow, I will add some photos from my holiday.
Love Princess George


  1. we are so pleased that you had lots of fun at nan & poppy's house and enjoyed your holiday so much. we are the one's missing you now so hope you can come for another holiday soon. love you xxxxxxxx

  2. What lucky kids you are! you have so many holidays with lots of lovely people...



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