Thursday, January 04, 2007


Can you believe that the year is only 4 days old and already we have had a holiday - we stayed at Grandma's house for a few days.

We only came home today to say See you later alligator, In a While Crocodile, Hooroo Cockatoo and Matane to Sarah McNamara. We would have said 'Go through the big tunnel' as well, but it is too far to walk to the airport!

Right now Sarah is on a plane on her way to Christchurch in New Zealand. Hopefully she will come back to visit us some time soon or perhaps we can visit her in Ohio.

Enjoy the rest of your adventures Sarah,
Love Princess George


  1. So does this mean no f&c's friday or does it still get the go ahead??? Great tongue shot there princess george!


  2. seems Sarah is as adventurous as AJ & Milla, you are all so lucky to have so much fun and travel. xxxxx

  3. Did Sarah have to go through those blessed 'crying doors'? M XXX

  4. those bleeding crying doors were the worst. i miss you all very much and come to Ohio or america anytime (of course after you turn 5)!

  5. Oh, I miss Sarah MacNamara... My phone rang today and I said to AJ, "Guess who this is?" he replied... Sarah MacNamara??? So cute.


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