Sunday, January 28, 2007

Kings and Queens

I saw a king and queen today, when Gabby's mum and dad got married. Dad and Aunty Sharni took us to the wedding, mum came a bit later on an old bus!

The wedding was a lot of fun, but very different to any other wedding I have been to (not that I have been to many!).
The church was all golden and beautiful, but there were no seats. The best part about that was there was heaps of room for AJ and I to play.

I love going to wedding and dressing up.
Love Princess George


  1. Gabby's mum & dad really did look like a queen & king, your mum looked like a princess, all of the girls were like princesses weren't they? we are so glad you had a lovely time at the wedding.

  2. I'm sure that I didn't see this post when we looked the other day?? Can you add in things later on?


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