Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fairies Everywhere

It was my cousin Zoe's 5th birthday this week, and today was her fairy party. We all dressed up as fairies, except for AJ who said that he was cowboy who chased all of the fairies.

At the party, we all made fairy crowns, played pass the parcel, helped to smash a fairy princess pinata, went on a treasure hunt AND ate lots of delicious party food.

1. Birthday Girl, 2. fairy cake, 3. AJ at the Party, 4. Party Food, 5. Fairy Crowns, 6. Game Time, 7. Milla's Fairy Crown, 8. King AJ, 9. Pinata, 10. Pass the Parcel, 11. Fairy Crown, 12. Crown Construction, 13. Party Games

We had so much fun. I am so lucky to have big 5 year old friends like Zoe (and Lana and Kylie).
Love Princess George


  1. oh lana and i miss them... did they finally let you wear their fairy wings???

  2. cousin Zoe sure had a fantastic party with lots of faries there and a cowboy would have been most welcome with all of you. hope Kylie & Lana had fun too.


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