Saturday, November 10, 2012


What's a boy to do when he is spending a day at the races?  First stop, find a friend to hang out with.  Second, pester your parents until they let you place a bet or 3.  Next, get the form guide and start studying.
This is the hardest I have studied all year!

Who knew that studying really does pay off!

The first bet we had placed for us won, so did the second.  We were doing so well that when it came to the last race I could hear mum and dad cheering for any horse other than the one that I had bet on.  I think they wanted us to have fun but I don't think that they wanted me to actually make money from gambling in case I wanted to gamble some more.  They really don't have to worry, we may not have won on the last race but we decided that we will come back next year and re-invest our winnings.

Love AJ Pickle

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