Thursday, November 22, 2012

Missing in Action

Hmmmmm, it seems we haven't been here in ages but there is a really good reason for that - mum has been pretty sick.  When mum is sick, we don't have anyone to remind us to blog our adventures so that we don't forget them.  We have had some adventures that we will eventually get around to writing about.  Things we still haven't shared are our new bedrooms, there is also stories about learning how to use power tools, as well as climbing into the ceiling and all manner of fun things.

Of course there are about a billion more entries we could write about the Festival of Boo (that would be Milla's many birthday celebrations) and also our day at the races.   AJ is even going to write a review about a game that he was sent - Skylanders Giants that he loved so much he finished.  (Of course if the review for the game is anything like his book reviews that he has to do for homework then we will have to nag him about a billion times to get it done! - from Milla)  We are pretty sure that we never got around to blogging about Billy's birthday celebrations.  We can't even remember the last time any of us played along with Unknown Mami and Sundays in my City but it was probably forever ago too.

Now mum doesn't normally get sick, so this is a pretty crazy time for all of us.  She seems to help us out in the morning before school, then if she doesn't have doctors appointments or tests she sleeps most of the school day.  She hangs out with us after school and goes to bed when we do.   That's of course if she isn't in hospital.  If she is in hospital then we go and visit her instead!   Dad is pretty busy too, doing the laundry and the shopping, even making our lunch for us some days.  When we are all home together of a weekend, we go on mini adventures whenever we can.

Hopefully mum will be better soon so we can go on crazy adventures again rather than stay around the house, then we will be able to blog our stories and share our fun.

Get better soon mum,
Love AJ and Milla


  1. I sure hope your mum gets better soon!

  2. kingsonthelake11:44 AM

    Hope you are soon better Del as it has been so long now. Love and good wishes to you. xoxo


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