Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Very NOT Typical Start to the Day

Now a typical school morning around here involves sneaking downstairs without waking mum and dad so we can chill out for a bit before the madness begins, having breakfast and getting ready for school.  We have given up on asking to watch TV because there is always something that needs to be done... Have you finished your homework... Have you tidied your room... Have you done insert something else really annoying here?

Well today was a school morning so you can imagine our surprise when instead of being told to stay in bed, we were told to be awake extra early.

There was no nagging to do homework or clean bedrooms, instead it was "Quick grab your skates!" and we were off to Icehouse.
On the ice with our friends
This is me doing the limbo backwards
Then, after skating around with friends and playing games, we were able to chill out and watch a movie.  
Watching Ice Age 4 on the ice
I won a copy of Ice Age 4 and other cool stuff.
All of this and it was still super early in the morning, before school.  

Oh and we were on TV too.  I haven't got a link to the actual footage, but this is us doing the limbo as Emma read out the weather.

Can you believe this actually happened?  I am still in shock about how awesome this morning was!
Love AJ Pickle

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