Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rest and Relaxation in the Country

When AJ was invited to a birthday party in the 'middle of no-where' and the invitation extended to the entire family, we figured we may as well join him and head to the bush for some rest and relaxation.  After a long few weeks of being cooped up indoors trying to recuperate, I was looking forward to getting out and hopefully enjoying some sunshine.    

As the kids all ran wild playing 'Hunger Games', we sat around eating, drinking and chatting.  Some of us even managed to curl up on a picnic blanket and have a nap.  

In a place like this, it is no wonder we came home relaxed.
The perfect place to sit and relax.
Since we were in Kangaroo Ground, it only seemed appropriate that a mob of kangaroos hopped around the property.  I think they were looking for a way to avoid all the noisy kids that were running wild.

We did get some sunshine during the afternoon and it was a great day out for everyone.

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