Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mansions for Millipedes

Normally when we go geocaching we spend our time running around looking for actual geocaches.  Today when we went geocaching we were looking for earth caches - we were learning about geographical features of the area.  We figured that as we were learning about how the different rock formations were created we would have a closer look.  By the way, all of the different rock formations in the area were created by lava flows about a million years ago.

As we were looking at the tessellated pavement we found heaps of millipedes.  Now of course these millipedes all needed somewhere to call home so we went millipede house hunting.

There are so many places to look for millipede mansions.

There could be some over here.

This millipede mansion is so big it could be a 5 star millipede resort.

Just so you get an idea of what a millipede is looking for when it is investing in real estate, I will show you one of our favourites.  This was one of the best millipede houses we found; plenty of places to rest, lots of rooms in the little holes in the rocks.  What makes this millipede mansion so impressive is the swimming pool with its own and the garden!  Who wouldn't love to live in a mansion with a beautiful swimming pool set in a garden that has plenty of dappled shade so that you don't overheat if the weather ever warms up.  We estimate that this millipede mansion would be worth about a million millipede dollars.

Have you ever been looking for millipede mansions?  It is heaps of fun, you should try it some time.
Love Princess George

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  1. hi everyone Just turned on my laptop after not having energy for awhile. Loved looking at all you lovely photos and great outings you have had. I miss you all so sending hugs and lots off xxxxx

    Hi Everyone, Just turned on laptop after long absense of not having enery to do so. Cheered me up looking at all your lovely faces and checking out all you adventures. Sending lots of hugs and xxxs Love Grandma


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