Saturday, October 06, 2012

Record Attempt Update

So we joined in the fun for another attempt at creating the world's largest conga line on ice at Icehouse this morning.  Naturally being a part of the conga line, mum couldn't get her camera out and get some happy snaps.  Luckily the folks at Icehouse took heaps of photos and mum found this one on Facebook to prove that we were there.  Dad doesn't look too happy but he really was having fun!

Unfortunately we weren't all able to hold the conga line for the full 15 minutes (and I don't think there were enough people in the conga line even if it didn't keep breaking) to break the record but I did have fun. 

What I did learn is that trying to break a world record is seriously hard work, especially if you have to listen to this song over and over and over again!  

That said, I will go back next time that they try to break the world record.  Everyone always says third time lucky!
Love AJ Pickle

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