Friday, October 12, 2012

Hunger Games

Have you read the Hunger Games series or even watched the Hunger Games movie?  I have and I have to say the books were awesome, so was the movie!  I'm not the only one who loves the Hunger Games, it is the most popular game to play at school.  The Hunger Games are so popular that some of my friends organised a Hunger Games birthday party.   

We all had to go to this big property in the bush where the games were held.  We split up into teams to represent each of the districts and then off we ran, up and down the hills and through the bush, trying to zombie-afy one another.  (Instead of killing one another and being out of the game, anyone 'killed' became a zombie and tried to create even more zombies.)   
We all had water guns, weapons made from paper or sticks we found as we ran through the bush.  I managed to get the coolest water gun from the stash at the cornucopia to use in the games.  (Hey Santa, I think a water gun like this might just make it to the top of my Christmas wish list!)
There was so much room to run wild, even little sisters and brothers were allowed to join in the games.  It meant there were more players to make into zombies!

I just have to say, that was the coolest birthday party EVER!  I had an awesome time and managed to survive the games without becoming a zombie.
Love AJ Pickle

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