Friday, October 12, 2012

Famous (kind of) from a long long time ago!

Way back in the days before we were blogging, when we were just little little kids, we went to the United States to live.  Well we didn't end up living there for long, but we did have an awesome holiday.  One day we will even sit down and write the stories about all of the crazy adventures when we were there but in the meantime, I thought I would show you a photo of where we lived that is being used on tourist link, a tourist website.
Look how little and cute we were!
Beden's Brook, the creek in the photo, was just down the hill from the cottage where we were living.  We would go for a walk down to the creek to look for bugs and frogs whenever we had the chance.  It was great living by a creek, even when a flash flood went through and washed away all the sticks and rocks that we used to build with.  I loved seeing how far I could throw rocks and to see if I could make a huge splash.

We had a great time living in New Jersey and visiting so many really amazing places.  Hopefully one day we will get a chance to go back and revisit all of the fun places.  If you want to see any other photos from our time in America, you can see them on our Flickr pages.
Love AJ Pickle

PS - If you look really closely at the photo, you can see Skanky Bear - Milla's favourite teddy that travelled all the way to New Jersey with us.  Skanky visited Philadelphia and New York with us but who didn't come back to Australia.  I think Milla still misses Skanky Bear :-(

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