Friday, May 22, 2009

A Sick Day

Well I was a little bit sick last night and apparently that meant mum and dad didn't get much sleep.  When I got up this morning I was feeling better and I was all set to go to school, but mum and dad said that I didn't have to - everyone else was too tired.  Even Milli got to stay home and rest. Dad did go in to work, but he was a little late.  The rest of us stayed home, warm and snugly in our jammies!

During the afternoon we all had a little more energy so we played shop.  Now normally I don't play shop with MIlla, mainly because she always wants to have a shop full of jewels or other girly stuff.  Today I didn't mind playing shop because we played massage shop.  We took in turns being the massager and the customer.  
It was pretty easy to trick Milla into being the massager for the longest times just by telling her how good she was at massage.  It was such a great game even mum played.  She was a customer at the shop and Milla and I were the massage people.  For some reason mum wanted us to play that game all afternoon!

Not long after we finished playing shop, it was time for school to finish.  The best thing about that is that friends could come over to visit because we weren't really sick.  It is great having a day off school when you are able to enjoy it!
Love AJ Pickle

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  1. kingsonthelake6:25 PM

    AJ & Milla you were so lucky to have a day off and get to have such great massages. Hope mum enjoyed it as much as you did AJ, you sure looked relaxed while Milla handed out a massage, wish I had of been there. xx


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