Saturday, May 02, 2009

Birthday Drinks

It isn't very often that the kids get invited to go to a grown up birthday party, but last night we did.  Tiger's dad is getting kinda old, so he had a big birthday party to celebrate.  The kids got to go to the party too.  

It was great, we had a drink and said cheers before we all went back to Tiger's house for a sleep over.  Since all of the grown ups were still partying, we were allowed to stay up late and watch movies and then sleep on the couch.  We ALL had a great night.

Happy Birthday Tiger's Dad
Love AJ Pickle

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  1. kingsonthelake6:04 PM

    Seems you had fun at an adults birthday party and yet another sleepover.You even had time for a drink and cheers, well done. love nan & pop xx


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