Wednesday, May 13, 2009

41 Days, Not That I Was Counting!

Well after 41 really long days, it was finally time to have my plaster removed.  Mum picked me up from school extra early - before lunch, so that we could go into the Children's Hospital for my appointments.  My first appointment was to have my plaster removed, then I had to have xrays taken and then finally I had to see my surgeon to see if my screws were in the right place.

Could you believe it, my mum knew the nurse that was working in the Orthopedic Clinic and she cut my plaster off for me.  She was really nice and used the giant scissors instead of the noisy saw.  When the plaster was off, my arm was really stinky and covered in tape and dried blood.  The nurse tried to clean some of it off for me, but it was way too dirty.  Instead she cleaned up my cast so I could take it home and use for show and tell.  She also made me a sling and then we headed downstairs for the xrays.  
After the xrays were taken we went back upstairs to see the surgeon.  I don't really remember him from when I had my surgery, but he is really nice.  He showed me the pictures of my arm and told me that I am the boss of my arm, that I don't have to move it unless I want to move it. Just because I am the boss of my arm doesn't mean that I am the boss of everything about me.  I have to come back to visit my surgeon in a month to make sure my bones are growing properly.  I also have to start having baths all the time again :(

Mum made me have a big bath to try to get 7 weeks of dirt off my hand as well as all of the gunk off from under my plaster.  It took half an hour of soaking but finally the sticky plaster came off my scar and I could see the row of stitches!  Mum took out a few of the stitches, but a few more are stuck and I might have to get Aunty Sharn to get them out for me one day.

Now that I don't have plaster on my arm, it feels really weird.  I am a bit worried that I will hurt it so I think I will leave my sling on for a little while.  Other than that, it is good to be almost normal again and to be able to wear jumpers with 2 sleeves in them!

Love AJ Pickle

Here are a few of the photos of the whole Shattered Elbow Experience, if you want to see some more, head over to Flickr and check them out!


  1. Ohhh AJ it's so cool that you have your cast off now! Time for some new adventures for Dynamic Duo Tiger & AJ or is that AJ & Tiger?

  2. kingsonthelake5:46 PM

    Bet you enjoyed that long soak in the big bath AJ. We are so happy for you to have that huge plaster off. Great that mum knew your nurse, guess what ? nan & pop know her as well.Can't wait to see how it looks. love nan & pop xx


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